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INTERGEO Ahoy, set course for Hamburg!

By [email protected] - 22nd September 2016 - 09:09

Top trends, innovation highlights, top-class innovators, cutting-edge panel discussions, specialist and background information about the booming Geo IT industry – all this and more awaits at INTERGEO 2016 in Hamburg.

More than 500 exhibitors in four halls will be showcasing their product portfolios. In the most wide-ranging INTERGEO conference so far, around 140 presentations will cover almost every imaginable application. Subjects range from official surveying, Earth observation procedures and Open Data to Building Information Modelling, geoportals, and geodata availability and management. Industry-relevant information such as uses in the public utilities, real estate and construction sectors prove the practical relevance of the event.

Cities are becoming digital

INTERGEO 2016 has taken the digital city to its heart. For three days, a variety of presentations will focus on the city as a living environment, administrative space and business area with all its georelevant intersections. From the smallest imaginable unit of digital construction with Building Information Modelling (BIM) to the large-scale planning scenarios of digitally networked cities – geoinformation made digital, networked and intelligent forms the basis for smart cities and is the common thread running through this year’s top industry platform.

Three in one

A trip to Hamburg for this year’s INTERGEO gives you three trade fair events in one. Smart City SOLUTIONS is a platform for technologies related to digital cities, while’interaerial SOLUTIONS is a meeting point for data collection using unmanned aerial systems (UAS). With them, INTERGEO has reinforced its position as a leading communications platform that showcases the latest technologies and their applications across the whole field of geo IT. At interaerial SOLUTIONS and Smart City SOLUTIONS you will find not only manufacturers and solutions providers but also a three-day expert forum that will answer all your questions.

Hamburg – city on the water

The welcome that awaits you in the INTERGEO 2016 host city must also be mentioned. Hamburg is more than a trade fair city – it is a cultural metropolis and business hub, and more to the point, it is the leading smart city in Germany. This will make INTERGEO more than just informative – it will be an experience. The trade fair venue means you can enjoy relaxing evenings on the Alster, walks in the huge Planten un Blomen park, the sophistication of the harbour district, and all the attractions of a city. Designed around the city’s proximity to sea, the programme of presentations and evening events will enable you to get to know Hamburg and you will love it!

We look forward to seeing you!

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