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INTERGEO 2017 update it’s time to grasp the future!

By [email protected] - 21st August 2017 - 11:56

“The industry showcases everything from conventional surveying to the entire process chain all the way to visualisation, and software solutions that are also integrated into other industries,” says Professor Hansjörg Kutterer, President of INTERGEO’s patron, the DVW.

This year, INTERGEO is once again offering tangible trends and live solutions. For three days, everything in the trade fair halls, the conference, and the forum areas in the InteraerialSOLUTIONS and SmartCitySOLUTIONS themed platforms will revolve around international communication relating to the wide world of geo-IT solutions. Industry, science, associations – all the big names are there, and with their high-tech portfolio, they make INTERGEO the world’s leading trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management.

Geo-IT will transform industry

What can you expect? In short, a whole universe of geo-IT trends. Experts will be on hand to provide information about trends and solutions relating to “Big Data”, “smart data” and the personalised version, “personal data”. Augmented and Virtual Reality are also starting to weave their way into the process chain. “I would go so far as to say that the results will bring many sectors forward in totally new ways,” says Kutterer.

In the German Cartography Conference, smart cartography will showcase the interlinking of surveying, photogrammetry and cartography. Areas of application for the European COPERNICUS satellite programme will also be highlighted as they now go far beyond environmental data to act as a valuable political stimulus within the EU.

The last few years have also seen InteraerialSOLUTIONS – an integral part of INTERGEO – develop into the largest drone trade fair in Europe. “And we’ve only just started,” says Christoph Hinte, CEO of organiser Hinte GmbH. Other hot topics include “smart cities” or the “digital city”, and building information modelling (BIM), all of which will have a lasting impact on the construction and geo-IT sectors in the next few years.

Considering a career in geo-IT?

With its comprehensive approach to showcasing such future-looking topics, INTERGEO has also evolved into a lively platform for careers and recruiting. “Many employers with a local or global presence meet prospective employees during these three days,” says Hinte. With the constant internationalisation of markets, INTERGEO’s global profile is also increasing. “That doesn’t mean we will forget our roots,” adds Hinte, “because the main base continues to be in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, even though growth is strongly influenced by international factors.”

Above all else, visitors from Germany and beyond are drawn to INTERGEO by its wealth of content. The conference continues to provide long-term stimulii, and information formats such as forums appeal to new audiences. The reputation of the event is also boosted by year-round multi-media offerings such as INTERGEO TV. The icing on the cake of this year’s content is having the German capital of Berlin as its venue.

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