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INTERGEO 2017 UPDATE Exceeding expectations

By [email protected] - 11th September 2017 - 10:31

So what’s the secret of success? We put the question to Daniel Katzer, Director of Trade Fairs and Conferences at Hinte GmbH and project manager for the event.

GeoConnexion (GEO): Berlin always acts as a magnet for exhibitors and visitors to INTERGEO. So what are your expectations of this year’s event, and how are the themed areas shaping-up?

Daniel Katzer (DK): Yes, Berlin is a key location for INTERGEO and the city to which it returns every three years. Its proximity to the political scene offers unequalled opportunities for interaction and dialogue and a good reason why the Who’s Who of industry will be present. As always, the entire spectrum of industry activities will be represented, from terrestrial, aerial and satellite data collection, through data analysis and visualisation, to entire process chains and workflows.

As we go to press, the targets we set for this year’s event have been exceeded. With almost 580 exhibitors, it promises to be the ultimate promotional platform for the geoinformation sector. The current trend towards digitising work processes and solutions will fall under the spotlight, while the themed platforms of INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS and SMART CITY SOLUTIONS will occupy almost doubled the space of last year.

GEO: You mentioned Berlin’s political importance. How will INTERGEO reflect this?

DK: While the generation of Big Data has been a trend of recent years, concerns surrounding data security are only now coming to the fore. With this in mind, Secretary of State Klaus Vitt will be addressing this topic in his opening keynote speech on Tuesday. At a European level, the event will be showcasing COPERNICUS, the European Union’s Earth Observation satellite programme, and how its data is helping the public and private sectors and NGOs improve the quality of life for citizens. We will also be hosting up-to-the-minute political discussions concerning smart cities and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

GEO: How does the breakneck speed of technical development affect INTERGEO?

DK: The topics covered by INTERGEO are extremely complex. Yet many areas such as UAS, mapping and photogrammetry are complementary. For example, these technologies can be integrated to provide end-to-end, all-in-one packages for turning collated mass data into intelligent, intuitive solutions. This opens up new fields of application in smart city development, autonomous vehicle navigation, digital construction and many more.

GEO: What thematic developments are driving INTERGEO’s success?

DK: The comprehensive approach to showcasing trends and future-focused topics at INTERGEO has helped it develop into a world-renowned, almost viral communications and networking platform. In Berlin, we will be teaming up with the Enterprise Europe Network to construct a two-day B2B network for the first time. This will help visitors and exhibitors forge business contacts even faster and derive even greater value from their attendance.

GEO: Are you prepared to give anything away about INTERGEO 2018 in Frankfurt?

DK: The value of capturing data as the essence of the digital future is now widely accepted, thus earning it an even more prominent place in the spotlight and as a motor of innovation.

Continuing on from previous events, INTERGEO 2018 will make a point of reporting on the latest developments in key segments such as digital/smart cities, digital planning and building/BIM, as well as showcasing applications from the UAS sector. Virtual and Augmented Reality topics will surely also start to emerge. We will be addressing these subjects at the INTERGEO conference and trade fair together with conference organisers, DVW (German Society for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management).

For advance information on INTERGEO 2018, to be staged 16-18 October 2018 at Messe Frankfurt, please logon to

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