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Innovusion and Wideye by AGC Collaborate to Launch Built-In Windshield LiDAR Solution

By GeoConnexion - 28th July 2023 - 10:26

Innovusion and Wideye have announced their intention to develop an innovative integrated LiDAR solution for vehicles. This collaboration aims to provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing installation of LiDAR systems behind the windshield, addressing the increasing demand for LiDAR integration as mass production accelerates. The optimal installation location for LiDAR systems has been a topic of discussion in the industry. The solution proposed by Innovusion and Wideye involves integrating LiDAR and camera modules seamlessly behind the windshield, a high position that minimizes the impact on vehicle design, provides better protection against environmental factors, reduces the chance of damage, and benefits from existing cleaning solutions.

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