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Indonesian Instrument Supplier, Global Hutama, Chooses SuperPad

By [email protected] - 21st September 2016 - 15:42

Supergeo has announced that its mobile GIS software, SuperPad, has been recently selected by Global Hutama, the surveying instrument supplier in Indonesia. Headquartered in Jakarta, Global Hutama was established in 2009 and has rich experience in supplying equipment for geological, mining, and surveying professionals. With the assistance of DataScrip, Supergeo’s local partner in Indonesia, Global Hutama decided to select SuperPad as the GIS software to meet the demand of spatial data collection. As one of the core mobile GIS products of Supergeo, SuperPad not only has various helpful and practical functions for spatial data collection but also can achieve sub-meter precision with its outstanding NTRIP extension. By activating the NTRIP extension with GNSS RTK receivers like Hi-Target V60, users can significantly improve the efficiency of field works.