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Indestructible Maps - Hotter Than Dragon’s Breath!

By [email protected] - 21st September 2016 - 14:49

Outdoor adventurers love ultra-practical fabric maps, and widespread media attention in the UK - including the Dragons’ Den TV show, BBC TV news and radio, - is bringing them to a whole new audience. Fresh converts have been joining walkers, runners, riders, bikers, climbers, canoeists etc. in snapping up SplashMaps following the MD’s visit to the Dragons’ Den. Fabric maps are the most reliable, practical form of map - no need for batteries, signal or folding and they’re happy being dropped! They’re scrunchable (to stuff into pockets, tie around necks etc.), weatherproof and washable. SplashMaps MD, David Overton comments, “It’s a phenomenal time for us. Orders are flying in, not just from individuals buying for themselves or as gifts, but bulk orders of custom maps for all kinds of uses. They’ve proved popular and we’re looking at more collaborations.