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Immersal Visual Positioning System (VPS) creates AR experiences on top of Nokia 5G network at Nokia Arena

By GeoConnexion - 28th July 2023 - 08:18

Immersal Oy, part of Hexagon and a metaverse technology provider, announced that its Visual Positioning Technology (VPS) is used to create AR experiences in and around Nokia Arena, in Tampere, Finland. The pilot application which is currently available for Nokia and its VIP visitors at Nokia Arena includes signs inside the arena, AR experiences like the stadium decorated with playing home teams’ logos, videos in AR and interactive AR experiences. Different augmented reality applications and experiences are very interesting use cases for 5G. As Nokia Arena includes a 5G network from Nokia and Elisa, and the indoor arena is fitted with 5G base stations, AR applications have the required data bandwidth and response times. Multiaccess edge computing servers can offer the low latency needed for real-time apps like player tracking in AR.

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