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imajing® mobile mapping solutions deployed in Russia

By [email protected] - 22nd January 2016 - 12:52

The State Budgetary Institution of Moscow City “Roads” is responsible of the complete maintenance, repairing and paving of roads and streets of Moscow City. imajing equipped the State Budgetary Institution of Moscow City “Roads” with 4 imajbox® mobile mapping systems through its Russian representative and distributor Technopole Company. imajing mapping and GIS solutions were studied and compared with other technologies for road surveying usage, in order to digitize borders, sidewalks and pavement of Moscow City. This information then enabled them to rapidly assess all kinds of dimensions and areas of the road environment. imajbox® mobile mapping system and imajview GIS data production software have now integrated the State Budgetary Institution of Moscow City “Roads” workflow and are part of decision-making process for pre-studying and monitoring Moscow City’s road pavement condition. This provides both Technopole Company and imajing a promising entry in the Russian market.