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Hydracos Selects SuperPad for Water Utility Inspection

By [email protected] - 19th October 2017 - 12:27

Supergeo announced that SuperPad has been selected by French company Hydracos a company that focuses on providing professional consulting services in water utilities and sewage systems. Its core services include field survey, asset management, master plans, and water supply network design. If users want to inspect a specific facility, waypoint guidance and GPS alert will be ideal tools to reach the target effortlessly. The waypoint guidance of SuperPad enables field workers to know the direction and distance to the target from their current location. When the GPS alert is activated, SuperPad will warn users with a beep when the signal quality approaches the predefined level, making spatial data collection more easily. More than functions mentioned above, SuperPad is equipped with many features that can boost the productivity of workers as well as enhance the quality of data, helping companies complete their tasks at a lower cost.

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