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HxGN Live 2015 preview

By [email protected] - 22nd May 2015 - 14:06

Q: Tell us about HxGN Live 2015â©

It goes without saying that HxGN Live is our premier annual event, which allows us to connect with our customers and partners in highly dynamic ways. Essentially, this event is a wonderful opportunity to showcase customer solutions and share product updates. Beyond that, the conference is a fantastic venue where our partners, customers and other interested prospects can engage in meaningful conversations and networking. Our ultimate goal here is to educate, invigorate and enhance our expanding community of passionate users. â©

In addition to networking opportunities, we are offering a geospatial track packed with compelling content that will highlight our Power Portfolio of products. These sessions are chock full of solutions built upon our technology by business partners, including Intergraph Security Government & Infrastructure (SG&I), Intergraph Government Solutions, and other Hexagon brands. HxGN Live has substantial significance for our partner community and their customers, and therefore is strongly supported and attended by our global business partner network.â©

Q: Tell us about HxGN Live 2015 from an EMEA perspectiveâ©

EMEA is a critical region for Hexagon Geospatial. As such, we are putting in extra effort to ensure that we provide the right information and growth opportunities for our expanded partner community. â©

We believe that it always comes down to solving customer problems. Itâs best to have people close to the customers who can clearly understand their needs, goals, and passion. This is why our EMEA partner community is so vital. â©

We need to continually be innovative and nimble in our approaches to helping EMEA customers best leverage geospatial data for enhancing decision-making. In addition, we continually challenge our partners to be the drivers for helping customers best manage a world that is changing at a rapid pace. â©

Q: Tell us why HxGN Live 2015 is important to your customersâ©

In many ways, HxGN Live is a customer-driven event. We will be discussing the new Power Portfolio, as well as our vision for the future, which includes substantial focus on the development and expansion of cloud- and mobile-based solutions.â©

From a broader perspective, our customers are on the frontline for managing an ever-changing world. This is no easy challenge for any organisation. We need to arm our customers with all the knowledge they need to help their organisations remain competitive and mission-focused by advancing decision-making efforts. â©

This will always be our goal, and we will be tackling this at HxGN Live 2015 this year. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas! â©

Q: What highlights can we look forward to at HxGN Live 2015? â©

Modern platforms like mobile and the cloud have given rise to the delivery of data and analytics in bold new ways. Over the past few years, weâve honed in on these current trends with the goal of understanding how we can build a better overall ecosystem, one that more wholly supports our customers as they try to understand change.â©

Geospatial organisations of all shapes and sizes are all essentially trying to achieve the same thing, and that is to perform focused analysis and deliver key business insights about specific problems. At Hexagon Geospatial, we understand that need, and we also recognise our potential to provide the right technology that enables development of lightweight applications to solve these many targeted business problems. We also understand that you need the right technology platform and a cohesive community that can work together to make this happen.â©

With that in mind, we have invited our global business partner network to join with us in creating and becoming a fundamental part of a new ecosystem. As owners of the customer relationship, our partners are best positioned to work locally with their customers and understand the uniqueness of their business problems. At HxGN Live 2015, the big reveal will be our new, transformative approach for empowering our partners to succeed with their customers. By enabling the development of elegant, industry-specific applications that can be quickly implemented, we will take the geospatial industry to the next level.

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