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How PrecisionHawk Helped History Hunt for Buried Treasure in the Philippine Jungle

By [email protected] - 1st May 2019 - 11:35

Legend has it that, in 1945, Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita buried billions worth of stolen treasure in tunnels deep within the jungle, leaving behind only a series of mysterious symbols. Many have sought the existence of this vast treasure but modern drone technology might finally provide some answers to one of the last great mysteries of World War II. History’s Lost Gold of World War II will be airing an episode about the mystery, which features a team of PrecisionHawk experts that assisted in the quest for the buried treasure. Using drones to capture the data was more viable than using traditional mapping methods. Photogrammetry is unable to penetrate dense surface areas using drones, however, the team captured all the data necessary in just half a day. This accelerated the treasure hunt, givIng the crew a lot more insight into where it might need to look.

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