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How Drones Can Optimize Surveying and Mapping Projects

By [email protected] - 25th October 2018 - 11:09

When commercial drones were first introduced, the geospatial industry immediately adopted them. Equipped with different types of sensors and cameras, drones were turned into flying data collection devices. It soon became obvious that drones could optimize workflows, improve safety, project results and realize considerable cost savings. The following examples show how geospatial companies are using drones in different verticals that use geospatial data. Mapping and Surveying - UAV’s can ease the work of terrestrial surveying projects greatly, for example in dangerous areas where landslides and earthquakes are common. Mining - Drones proved to be a great alternative for small-scale mapping areas such as open pit mines. Agriculture - Specialized mapping software companies build solutions using drones that help farmers manage and monitor their crops. Energy - Inspection of powerlines is an important use case for drones. Construction - Construction sites can be managed and improved by using drones. Drone data can be re-used, while a worldwideGIS database gets created.