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Horizon Geosciences Introduce CP Survey Services

By [email protected] - 19th April 2016 - 13:33

Horizon Geosciences has announced the introduction of Cathodic Protection (CP) Surveys to its list of Survey services as demand for maintaining existing subsea assets rises in the oil and gas sector. CP Surveys are used to assess and control the integrity of metal subsea assets as environmental and time related factors can cause corrosion of important offshore and nearshore infrastructure and components. A full package of services is being offered to Horizon’s clients, from data acquisition to processing and reporting with CP Survey options including ROV and Trailing Wire (proximity and contact). Horizon also confirmed they use a new, cutting edge CP system considered to be one of the smallest in the world. Due to its size, the CP can be deployed in smaller ROV models. Horizon recently completed its first CP Pipeline Survey for Halul Offshore Services nearshore, Qatar. www.horizon-geosciences.con

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