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Hexagon Improved Mine Planning Software in Bundle Release

By [email protected] - 23rd March 2016 - 12:41

Hexagon Mining has introduced new functionality and enhanced performance in a bundled update of its mine planning software, MineSight. Implicit Modeller and MineSight 3D boast several new features designed to make life easier for geologists. MS3D Version 11.0 now sees full drillhole view and model view support in the xViewer, which simplifies work with complex models and data. Millions of blocks can be displayed and managed, giving you the flexibility to use large data quickly. The xViewer continues to push the boundaries of graphics systems, delivering the best performance possible. Version 11 also sees a redesign of the Drillhole Design Tool. Now you can store planned drillholes directly back to Torque, and start designs from both the collar and target locations. This saves time in the design process and allows you to exploit the integration of Torque and MS3D.