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HERE HD Live Map, creates commercial path to highly automated driving

By [email protected] - 22nd January 2016 - 12:15

HERE has released HERE HD Live Map, the world’s most advanced cloud-based map asset commercially available for vehicles today. Ready to be deployed in connected vehicles in North America and Western Europe, HD Live Map creates a highly detailed and dynamic representation of the road environment, enabling a vehicle to effectively “see around corners” beyond the reach of its on-board sensors. It is designed to enhance both Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and automated driving functionality to make driving more comfortable and enjoyable. HD Live Map includes data such as road construction, traffic and accidents; and analytics data, including speed profile information that informs the vehicle about how to drive based on actual human behavior data. Now, with HD Live Map offered across key regions, HERE is able to support automakers seeking to widen and deepen their automated driving development efforts.