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Hera use Geospatial AI to prioritise its network to improve leakage detection and maintenance

By GeoConnexion - 14th January 2021 - 09:06

Italian multi-utility, Hera Group, can increase productivity and reduce leakage thanks to the stellar combination of ISOIL Industria services and Rezatec’s Pipeline Risk product. Productivity is a key metric these days as water utilities are trying to do more with less at a time when climate change, Covid-19 and urbanisation are squeezing the margins of most water utilities. Using Rezatec’s Pipeline Risk product, Hera’s engineering team can potentially identify twice as many leaks compared to previous methods, increasing productivity. In Italy, regulation to reduce water leakage and provide a secure water supply is a fundamental part of resolution 917/2017. This means leakage is a key indicator for Hera, which is why they engaged ISOIL Industria SPA and Rezatec. Based on the observed results Hera expects the Pipeline Risk solution to increase the leaks detected in terms of breaks/km, potentially doubling the previous rate.

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