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HEAVY.AI launches industry’s first digital twin for telco network planning, building and operations, leveraging the NVIDIA Omniverse platform

By GeoConnexion - 2nd November 2022 - 21:30

HEAVY.AI, an innovator in advanced analytics, announced HeavyRF, an extension of the company’s deep analytics platform that uses NVIDIA Omniverse to create digital twins that help telco network operators speed deployments of wireless networks. The industry’s first radio frequency (RF) digital twin solution, HeavyRF enables telcos to simulate potential city-scale deployments as a faster, more efficient way of optimizing cellular-tower and base-station placements for best coverage. HeavyRF allows telcos to review historic and current network-performance data as they test site-configuration scenarios against physical impediments, such as trees and dense buildings. It uses GPU-accelerated analytics to seamlessly combine customer-demographic and behavioral data with real-time geophysical mapping.

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