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Handheld Introduces Smart MDM Solution for Improved Efficiency

By [email protected] - 25th February 2020 - 11:48

Handheld Group, a supplier of rugged mobile computers, announced the release of MaxGo Manager, a free Mobile Device Management (MDM) software solution for Handheld Android devices. The MaxGo software suite is designed to facilitate easy staging and security configurations for Handheld’s Android customers. MaxGo Manager allows Handheld Android users to, through remote access, easily configure, manage and support all of their devices in one location. Within the software, users can customize configurations including installing and removing apps on their field-devices, updating operating systems, changing system and client settings, and running staging scripts. The MaxGo Manager solution is a multi-user system that allows different managers to be assigned varying permission levels. The MaxGo Manager solution features a parent-child hierarchy: Device managers can apply general settings at a high level, then specify unique configurations within subordinate groups. Users can also set up new devices automatically, simply by adding them to a desired group.