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Gritter Tracker coming to the rescue for snowed-in Scots

By [email protected] - 18th January 2017 - 10:46

Transport Scotland has set up a ‘Gritter Tracker’ app – using tech from GIS mapping specialist Esri UK – to help keep the roads open north of the border. The live app monitors all of the major trunk roads to show the Scottish public in near real-time where gritter vehicles have been active, and when, via a visual ‘snail trail’ on the map. Through the Trunk Road Gritter Tracker app, Transport Scotland aims to enhance road user confidence by showing the live location of gritters out on the road network. Esri UK’s cloud-based ArcGIS Online underpins the app by providing information on both the location of the vehicles and a trail of where they have been in the last 24 hours in an easy-to-understand way that automatically scales to the demands of the public.