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GPS repeater technology ensures end-to-end visibility of cargo in transit

By [email protected] - 11th September 2017 - 08:38

Every day, vast amounts of cargo are transported around the world by land, sea and air. One way to keep track of shipments as they make their way around the globe is by use of GPS-enabled tracking devices. Knowing the exact location of a highly valuable consignment would surely make any logistics professional sleep better at night. A tracking device can be fitted to almost anything, in an open or a covert way. While there are many options and variations on a theme, there are essentially two types of trackers – passive and active. Passive trackers use GPS location information to record their position. Active trackers provide real-time location and environmental information to a central tracking portal. When the shipment is delayed, for example by stormy weather at sea or by leaves on the railway line, the tracking data can be used to update clients with an accurate timeline.