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Going places after Brexit

By [email protected] - 21st August 2018 - 14:56

What, no UK Pavilion at this year’s INTERGEO Expo in Frankfurt? The simple answer is no, and the reason why is just as simple: it was too successful!

With Brexit looming, forward-looking British businesses decided they wanted more space to showcase their wares and meet with overseas prospects and partners. And so GeoConnexion will be supporting them as usual in what has unofficially been dubbed the event’s UK Village.

With Britain already a tech investment hub, Theresa May has thrown her weight behind a £2.5 billion programme to support companies with high growth potential access the long-term investment they need to grow and ‘go global’. Speaking at the London Tech Week event in June, the Prime Minister announced the launch of new Tech Hubs in Brazil and South Africa to foster innovative partnerships and develop skills in those markets, as well as a new start-up visa for oversea entrepreneurs that will complement a visa route previously reserved for graduates

Commenting on these and related measures, the Prime Minister said they, “Will allow innovative British start-ups to invest in their future – and in the UK – by hiring more skilled people, expanding their business, and exporting their expertise across the world.

“It’s a great time to be in tech in the UK, and our modern Industrial Strategy will drive continued investment, ensuring the nation flourishes in the industries of the future and creating more high-paying jobs,” she concluded. Perhaps that is something Leavers and Remainers alike can all applaud?

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