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Globalstar To Monitor Fleets and Safeguard Oil Industry Workers In Tunisia

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2016 - 14:11

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd, has announced today three contract wins in the North African oil industry. These new customers have chosen to deploy iVMS (Integrated Vehicle Monitoring System) from Tunisian Globalstar partner, Virtual Mobile Data (VMD). iVMS switches seamlessly between Globalstar’s simplex satellite network and the land-based GSM/GPRS network to ensure the safety of people and equipment even in the most remote areas. VMD worked with local technology partner, Neuron Technology Systems (NTS), to design iVMS, which switches automatically to simplex satellite communications when the GSM network becomes unreliable or if a GPRS transmission fails for any reason. For all three wins, VMD’s Globalstar-based solution was selected after a thorough evaluation of other technologies and was chosen because its reliability, affordability and network coverage.