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Globalstar’s SPOT Gen3 helps with rescues during Marathon Des Sables

By [email protected] - 21st June 2016 - 13:35

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd. has revealed that its SPOT Gen3 safety device was instrumental in rescuing 22 participants in this year’s MARATHON DES SABLES 2016 (MDS), the world’s most extreme running race. Each of the 1,250 competitors ran the 250 km across the Sahara Desert with a SPOT Gen3 on their backpack, allowing MDS race organisers, emergency support teams, sponsors, family and friends to precisely track each runner’s location through a service hosted by WAA Tracking. The SOS button on SPOT Gen3 also allowed competitors to let organisers know if they got into trouble. During the grueling multi-stage race across the sands of Morocco, the MDS team was able to precisely locate 22 competitors in distress and quickly dispatch rescue personnel. All race marshals also carried the small, rugged devices, and they were attached to security vehicles, medical vehicles, helicopters and even a camel.