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Global Mapper SDK and LiDAR Module SDK v18 Released

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2016 - 14:28

Blue Marble Geographics is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 18 of the Global Mapper Software Development Kit (SDK) along with the Global Mapper LiDAR Module SDK. The latest upgrade to this powerful developer’s toolkit incorporates many of the functional enhancements and performance improvements that were introduced with the recent release of the desktop version of Global Mapper. In tandem with the desktop version, the SDK reflects the rapidly increasing importance of 3D data among GIS professionals with major improvements in LiDAR and terrain data rendering. The version 18 release of the SDK provides new LiDAR access methods for efficiently reading and writing large point cloud layers. A new query function allows points matching specified criteria to be quickly selected and edited. Further upgrades have been made to speed up the display and export of most raster/terrain formats, especially with large amounts of data loaded.