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GIM announces new training courses

By [email protected] - 23rd April 2015 - 14:19

Belgian company GIM has announced a new series of dates for their regular training courses. Students will receive training from experienced geo-experts with real geodata.â©

May 7: GeoServer Advancedâ©

May 12: Start GISâ¨This training for beginners is unique in Flanders.â©

May 26: Data qualityâ¨GIM will assist you in getting the most out of your data investment and learning the tricks of the trade in a series of courses about data quality:â¨â¢ Quality of geodata (morning) â¨â¢ Build quality data with ArcGIS (afternoon)â¨â¢ FME as a tool in correcting data (afternoon)â©

June 2 to 4: ArcGIS automation and productivityâ©

For more information, visit: