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GeoTools from KilletSoft support precise NTv2 Solutions for Real Estate Cadastres

By [email protected] - 17th May 2017 - 15:40

With the introduction of the official Coordinate Reference System UTM/ETRS89, all spatial thematic data must be converted in the medium term. In addition to the nationwide NTv2 approach BeTA2007 with accuracy in the mean decimeter range, all German Federal States have provided their own transformation methods with higher accuracy, mostly in the lower decimeter range, for their territories. Since the NTv2 files BY-KanU and BWTA2017 currently contain test data, which in parts do not yet have the required accuracy, no spatial thematic data may be productively transformed. However, KilletSoft has already prepared its Geodetic Development Kit GeoDLL and its Coordinate Transformation Program TRANSDAT for the high-precision coordinate transformations with BY-KanU and BWTA2017. Users of these tools will be possible to do cadastral-exact coordinate transformations with GeoDLL and TRANSDAT immediately after release of the final NTv2 files by the surveying authorities.