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Geotab announces the expansion of fleet management capabilities

By [email protected] - 19th April 2016 - 13:45

Geotab has introduced a new series of IOX Add-Ons to further expand fleet management capabilities for customers: IOX-ALERT, IOX-COMSPREAD, and IOX-OUTPUT. These new Add-Ons, most of which are supported on the Base plan, are the latest additions to Geotab’s solutions for fleet management, which allows users and developers to easily build new applications and integrate other business systems to maximize value. With IOX-ALERT, a driver can push an alert button to send a notification to their dispatcher. IOX-COMSPREAD reports the amount of material spread, time of spreading, and the spread rate. IOX-OUTPUT connects to a controllable relay that will trigger when a predefined condition in MyGeotab is met. To encourage Geotab platform customers to take advantage of expansion options, Geotab has now added IOX functionality to its entry level Base price plan.