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GeoSpectrum Technologies Introduce Multipurpose Autonomous sub-surface Training Target

By [email protected] - 1st July 2019 - 10:12

GeoSpectrum Technologies (GTI) launches a Multipurpose Autonomous Sub-Surface Training Target (MASTT) system that enables true to life and cost effective training experience of detecting and tracking submarines. The system can replicate a submarines’ acoustic signature. In this mode MASTT will transmit fixed frequencies, either independently, or when triggered by a received acoustic signal. Moreover, it can retransmit a synthetic echo of received acoustic signals while a Doppler shift can be also incorporated into the retransmitted echo, increasing or decreasing the intensity of the sound in line with the distance. Unlike most existing systems in the market these capabilities are available in both medium and low frequency bands. Answering the need for true to life training MASTT can operate in different running modes depicting standard submarine movement: Moving in a straight line in a fixed course, speed or depth, moving in a zig zag pattern with course alterations, a near stationary mode and a multiple course, speed and depth alterations.