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Geosoft introduces IP and resistivity inversion in VOXI Earth Modelling

By [email protected] - 18th January 2017 - 11:09

As part of Geosoft’s 9.1 software update, induced polarization (IP) and resistivity data inversion is added to its VOXI Earth Modelling 3D inversion software service. Geoscientists are now able to create detailed 3D models of conductivity and chargeability from IP and resistivity survey data with VOXI. The resulting models can assist in interpreting and targeting regions for mineral and environmental applications. VOXI’s full featured and modern approach to 3D modelling of IP and Resistivity data includes superior defaults and parameter options that support all electrode configurations and a full suite of measurements. A 3D algorithm is utilized for forward and inverse calculations of time domain and spectral IP and resistivity data. Multidisciplinary geoscientific data and models can be incorporated into the inversion using VOXI 3D constraint building tools. The models can be integrated seamlessly with geophysical or geological interpretations within Geosoft’s geoscience platform, Oasis montaj.