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Geofeedia and IDV Solutions Announce Technical Partnership, Integration

By [email protected] - 23rd April 2015 - 14:18

IDV Solutions, the global leader in Enterprise Risk Visualization software, and Geofeedia, the market leader in location-based social media monitoring, has formed a technical partnership. Through the partnership, Geofeediaâs location-based social media monitoring data will now be integrated into IDV Solutionsâ Visual Command Center® Enterprise Risk Visualization software. The combination of the two technologies enables security, supply chain and business continuity teams to gain instant intelligence from multiple social media networks for a myriad of risk events from a political demonstration to a natural disaster. The location-based visualization filters out excess noise to show important social media posts in the context of locations of interest, such as facilities, employee locations, supply routes or traveling executives. Visual Command Center helps organizations control risk by providing a real-time, operating picture of their assets, personnel and operations in relation to potential threats to those assets.