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#GeoCom16 : People and Progress

By [email protected] - 20th October 2016 - 13:22

At the event, to be staged this month (23rd November) at the Royal Geographical Society’s prestigious London headquarters, the Association will be addressing two core issues: the work of fellow geospatial professionals - their challenges and ambitions; and progress in terms of how location data is influencing our emerging digital economy.

#GeoCom16 – Our People

The work of the AGI revolves around its members, and by streamlining #GeoCom16 as a one-day event, many more members will be able to join the discussion on pressing issues and also participate in a series of seven-minute Lightning Sessions.

#GeoCom16 – Our Progress

Significant momentum is driving the move from paper to pixels and we know that location data is assuming greater prominence in serious analytics. But what has been its real impact? What new domains can we still explore? And how can we ensure that location analytics stays embedded in emerging disciplines such as Big Data? These are just some of the questions to be addressed by this year’s line-up of high calibre speakers, including:

Timandra Harkness. ‘Brain-teasingly enjoyable!’ You’ll recognise Timandra as presenter of BBC Radio 4’s series ‘FutureProofing’, and from documentaries such as Data Everywhere and her hit comedy show ‘Brainsex’. Needless to say, we’re thrilled she’ll be speaking at #GeoCom16.

Timandra describes herself as having approximately 69.44% of an OU degree in Mathematics & Statistics … and we’re 100% certain you’ll enjoy not only her talk, but the whole event!

In her latest book, “Big Data: Does Size Matter?” Timandra starts as we mean to go on at the AGI, exploring the relevance of location today. She says, “Big data knows where you’ve been.”, and on November 23rd we look forward to hearing much more from her about geospatial relevance in all things data – from science to smart cities, business to politics, and self-quantification to the Internet of Things.

Arancha Munoz-Criado. With a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Harvard, Arancha Munoz-Criado is much more than your average strategic ecological and urban planner. One of the keenest advocates for using location data, and harnessing big data in her work, she’s also well known for fostering environmental sustainability and economic efficiency, while improving landscape quality for citizens.

This year, between delivering the Landscape Policy for Valencia and developing the much-heralded new Green Infrastructure Framework for the entire USA (a joint project between ESRI and National Geographic), we’re absolutely delighted Arancha will be speaking at #GeoCom16.

Dr Catherine Mulligan. A Research Fellow in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship group with a joint appointment to the Department of Computing, Catherine is Associate Director of the Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research.

Dr Mulligan is also a Visiting Fellow at the Glasgow School of Art Institute for Design Innovation (INDI). Her research interests lie in the area of new economic structures enabled by the digital economy, in particular the role of Distributed Ledger Technologies in areas other than financial services, as well as the role that technologies play in the creation of citizen-centric smart/sustainable cities.

Through her work as Principal Investigator on the RCUK Digital Economy Program grants: Sustainable Society Network+, Catherine brought Urban Prototyping to London – a festival that brought together a wide variety of disciplines to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems using digital technologies in the urban environment, and created a flourishing network of academics across the UK dedicated to applying digital technologies to create sustainability and resilience outcomes.

Dr Mulligan regularly advises a variety of governments on the role of digital technologies including the UK, EU and in Asia, and has 15 years international experience in the Mobile Telecommunications and ICT industries, including 10 years at Ericsson in Stockholm, Sweden. Working on a variety of cutting edge technologies, Catherine experienced at first hand the complexities of successfully taking innovation to market. We look forward to welcoming her to #GeoCom16.

The AGI champions the value of geospatial information for our economy, for businesses, and people too. It supports practitioners in the industry; helps develop an awareness of geospatial information and all it has to offer, and offers support that will hopefully educate and inspire a new generation of geographers (and members!). The Annual Conference is an ideal place to see how it goes about its business ... and be part of the process. Just search for #GeoCom16 on Twitter to get all the latest news.

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