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GeoAlert releases new region-specific Building footprints AI models

By GeoConnexion - 28th July 2023 - 08:34

GeoAlert has released new region-specific Building footprints AI models and unified them under the single Buildings pipeline. Currently, there are three global regions and three corresponding Building segmentation models, which will be further improved. Whatever neural network architecture is used, the output results depend on the quantity and quality of the training samples. Geoalert’s approach is to go for a ‘best-fit baseline model’ that can be quickly fine-tuned with additional training sets. These fine-tuned models are integrated into the platform to be selected by the released recommendation algorithm with adjusted processing parameters based on the user input data. Launching the processing, the actual regional model is selected based on the user area of interest and is now available at both Mapflow Web and Mapflow QGIS plugin.

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