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GENOA, ITALY: Morandi Bridge Collapse

By [email protected] - 25th October 2018 - 09:44

Satellite imagery supplied by European Space Imaging highlights the devastating extent of damage that was sustained to the Morandi Bridge as it collapsed during a violent storm on Tuesday, August 14th. Italian PM Guiseppe Conte declared a 12-month period of emergency. Some 10,000 rescue workers continued to sift through the piles of concrete with sections of debris reaching three stories high in the search of finding remaining survivors. At least seven victims were pulled from the rubble alive. There are grave concerns that the remaining structure may collapse and this has lead to the evacuation of at least 630 people who reside near the bridge. Due to the high resolution of the 30 cm satellite imagery released by European Space Imaging, identification of a 300 meter convey of rescue vehicles at the rubble site along with a scattering of other vehicles around the perimeter totaling almost 100 vehicles. In addition several tent sites were erected to service the crews and remaining survivors.