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Garmin® introduces G1000® NXi, the next generation integrated flight deck

By [email protected] - 18th January 2017 - 11:25

Garmin International Inc. has announced its successor to the ever-popular G1000 integrated flight deck, the G1000 NXi. Boasting a modernized flight display design with significant performance enhancements, the G1000 NXi incorporates innovative capabilities into a state-of-the-art avionics platform. Features such as wireless cockpit connectivity, including wireless aviation database updates using Garmin Flight Stream, enhanced situational awareness with SurfaceWatch™, visual approaches, map overlay on the HSI and more, are all available with the G1000 NXi. Deliveries are expected to begin in February as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval for the G1000 NXi integrated flight deck in the King Air 200.

“As innovators in the avionics industry, we’re excited to introduce the G1000 NXi – the next generation G1000 integrated flight deck,” said Carl Wolf, Vice President of Aviation Marketing and Sales.