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Fujitsu and HERE to partner on advanced mobility services and autonomous driving

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2017 - 10:34

Fujitsu and HERE Technologies announced a plan to link their respective technologies into powerful integrated solutions for customers developing advanced mobility services and autonomous cars. The two companies have signed an agreement with a view to commencing a long-term strategic partnership that would benefit both companies’ customers. Fujitsu is a leading system integrator with data analytics, AI and high-performance computing technologies, while HERE is a leading provider of accurate and reliable digital mapping and advanced location-based data services and technology. Through their planned partnership, the companies aim to support automakers, mobility providers and cities with integrated, end-to-end technology solutions with an initial focus on Japan-originated companies, while expanding to international markets. The objective: help customers to evolve their mobility-related services. As a key partner to automakers and other industries, Fujitsu has deep experience in services and information systems such as automotive telematics.