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Fugro to bring Survey Expertise to the Search for Lost WW1 Submarine

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2017 - 11:04

Fugro is to join a campaign to find the First World War Australian submarine, HMAS AE1. From its advanced survey vessel, the Fugro Equator, skilled survey personnel from Fugro will use a state-of-the-art multibeam echosounder to conduct a bathymetric survey and a sophisticated autonomous underwater vehicle for close examination of the search area. The Silentworld Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation with a focus on Australasian maritime archaeology, and the Royal Australian Navy are the major sponsors funding the search that aims to locate this significant part of Australia’s history and enable proper commemoration. The submarine was lost without a trace on 14th September 1914 while patrolling waters off then German New Guinea. The fate of the vessel and the men on board, comprising Australian, New Zealand and British subjects, is still unknown.