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Fugro’s David Millar To Serve On IHO-IOC GEBCO Guiding Committee

By [email protected] - 21st August 2018 - 12:44

David Millar, Fugro’s government accounts director for the Americas region, has been appointed by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) to serve on the Guiding Committee of the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) Project. GEBCO is a non-profit organisation operating under the joint auspices of the IHO and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of the United Nations Educations, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It aims to provide the most authoritative portrayal of global ocean depths and the undersea feature names. The 14-member Guiding Committee is responsible for overseeing the work of GEBCO’s subcommittees and ad hoc working groups. Mr Millar’s appointment marks the first time a non-government industry stakeholder has served as a member in any capacity. A hydrographic survey and ocean mapping professional with 30 years of experience, Mr Millar previously served as Fugro’s regional hydrography service line manager.