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FOIF GNSS Receivers Aid Australian Pipeline Survey

By [email protected] - 28th October 2015 - 10:35

Engineering survey company G & C Sadlier Design was engaged to perform a route selection and centerline pegging survey for a gas pipeline duplication between Somerton in Victoria and Young in New South Wales, Australia. To accomplish the work, G & C Sadlier Design turned to FOIF GNSS receivers. These surveys have been completed using a FOIF F60 Base GNSS receiver and two FOIF A30 Rover receivers. The procedure is to set up the F60 base over a point with known coordinates and elevation, approximately in the center of the alignment to be surveyed. âWe have found the FOIF GNSS receivers are very easy to use, and the epoch readout on screen is very reassuring that the data is being stored, and easily confirms that the correct amount has been stored.â According to G&C Sadlier.