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Faro introduces Cobalt DesignTM 3D scanning solution

By [email protected] - 1st October 2019 - 13:11

FARO announced the availability of the Cobalt DesignTM structured light scanner product family. Structured light scanning technology uses projected light patterns with a camera system to capture large areas at once and, as a result, significantly reduces data capture time and delivers quicker results. Cobalt DesignTM combined with the recently introduced RevEngTM software platform, delivers a one stop, comprehensive digital design solution where small to medium objects can be scanned with precision, in colour with multiple levels of resolution. It is the first color structured light scanner from FARO specifically developed for design applications and is ideal for scanning complex surfaces, especially highly detailed organic shapes. Cobalt DesignTM addresses a variety of design requirements, including reverse engineering, prototype design, packaging design, digital cataloguing and even jewellery and fashion design.