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Faro Acquires ATS AB

By GeoConnexion - 16th September 2020 - 15:00

Faro Technologies, a global provider of 3D measurement, imaging and realization solutions for 3D Metrology, AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), and Public Safety Analytics, announced that the Company has acquired Advanced Technical Solutions in Scandinavia AB (“ATS”), a Swedish-based provider of 3D digital twin solution technology. Founded in 1990, ATS has had particular success in the automotive space where the firm has agreements in place with several well-known global automotive manufacturers. The acquisition will integrate ATS software and proprietary Traceable 3D system, which enables highly accurate and repeatable 3D scans, into the Faro Webshare Cloud platform. ATS’ system connects the physical to the digital world and is expected to bolster Faro’s ability to improve customers’ time to decision with 10x faster 3D imaging at up to 1mm accuracy.

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