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Exprodat Software Revolutionises Unconventionals Planning

By [email protected] - 20th October 2016 - 16:01

Exprodat has released a new version of its Unconventionals Analyst software. The company developed the Unconventionals Analyst extension to ArcGIS Desktop to help oil and gas companies simplify and speed up the processes of optimising unconventional well patterns and managing reserves. Version 222 of Unconventionals Analyst includes a host of new features all of which have been designed to give the user a much greater insight into the efficiency of their field. Supporting the latest versions of Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop, the software allows users to create well pads and laterals across sets of contiguous sections; create well sticks from other proposed drill locations; view all results in 3D; and also assess the well sample sizes required to meet sub-Monograph 3 reserve estimation precision. Technical Director for Exprodat, Chris Jepps explains, “Unconventionals Analyst’s unique well pattern planning and reserve management algorithms revolutionize many common workflows within the shale oil/gas and CBM domains.”