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Evonik Industries Relies on FREQUENTIS Solutions

By [email protected] - 25th September 2015 - 17:00

ELVIS - Evonik command and control centre and situation centre - is in operation. Based on a long history of relevant expertise and many years of experience with safety-critical communication systems, Frequentis provides solutions to support corporate safety and security, threat management and protection, and civil protection and emergency management. With the Evonik command and control centre and situation centre (ELVIS) it is now possible for the sites Darmstadt/Weiterstadt and Worms to view data from various physical safety systems, and communicate with each other in an unlimited manner. Also, each site can support the others if necessary. The new situation centre also supports consolidated and quick decisions. In case of an emergency, the Evonik disaster management team meets on-site and can make fast and well-informed decisions based on an optimal level of information. Warning alarms, access control and monitoring systems are available in real-time on both sites through Intergraph, Advancis Software & Services and Frequentis solutions.