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EvoLogics presented the new PingGuin AUV

By GeoConnexion - 29th October 2020 - 09:10

EvoLogics presented the PingGuin, an autonomous underwater vehicle with low-drag bionic design. The vehicle was developed as part of the MUM (“Modifiable Underwater Mothership”) collaborative R&D project and was first demonstrated in Kiel, Germany, in June 2020. Outstanding hydrodynamic properties of a penguin’s body became the starting point for the AUV design within the NaviMUM subproject, assigned to EvoLogics.

One of the EvoLogics co-founders, Dr. Rudolph Bannasch studied Adélie penguins and the effectiveness of their locomotion since the 80s, undertaking several field trips to the Antarctic and performing numerous wind tunnel and water tank experiments in Berlin. This research demonstrated that spindle-shaped flow bodies, modelled after penguins, achieve ultra-low drag coefficients in the water.

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