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Every good gift is from above! - Joint project AGRO-DE started

By [email protected] - 20th October 2016 - 15:56

For about 45 years earth observation satellites, provide important information about the condition and changes of our environment. In Germany agriculture is by far the largest user of land with approximately 52% of the total area of ââthe country and about 285,000 farms. However, so far the latest information for agriculture from satellite images was mostly available for experts only, since the collection and analysis of data were costly and complicated. On the Hessian State Domain farm, the official launch of the joint project AGRO-DE was held. The project consortium, including the Julius Kühn-Institut, the German Aerospace Center, EOMAP and Hanse-Agro, can prepare satellite image information throughout Germany for agriculture. The AGRO-DE project will create a data and analysis cluster, which allows farmers, agricultural consultants, contractors and service providers, to use preprocessed remote sensing information in a timely manner for integration into their operations.