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Esri’s Dr. Estella Geraghty Discusses Why Location Matters in Community Health

By [email protected] - 20th March 2017 - 15:08

Dr. Estella Geraghty, Esri Chief Medical Officer and health solutions director, joined a Panel of Experts to explain the importance of a Geographic Context for Health Data, spoke at a panel discussion at the Health Means Business National Summit held in February at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation headquarters in Washington, D.C. The panel discussion, “Using Data and Technology to Drive Community Health,” touched on the root causes of health disparity in the United States and possible solutions that data analytics science can offer. Geraghty participated in a panel discussion to talk about Esri’s mapping and analytics as a strategy to place health data in the context of location. The panel collaborated together in how organizations are effectively using data analysis to focus on personal and community health challenges and solutions.

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