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Esri Partners with FlightAware for Extensive Flight Tracking

By [email protected] - 25th September 2015 - 17:00

Esri and FlightAware have partnered to combine the power of the world’s leading flight tracking and status company with the world’s leading ArcGIS mapping platform. The partnership features the ability to view and analyze large amounts of accurate, live-aviation data in one powerful spatial system. “Esri has the tools and expertise to visualize data in a proven GIS environment,” FlightAware business development manager Max Tribolet said. “FlightAware data is the perfect addition. We’re the largest flight tracking company in the world, based on how many disparate data feeds we have coming into our system. So it’s pretty powerful when you pull our data into GIS.” FlightAware aggregates live flight tracking data from more than 50 government air traffic control authorities; over 10 satellite data link partners such as Garmin and ARINCDirect; and FlightAware’s own in-house ADS-B receiver network, consisting of more than 3,400 receivers in over 100 countries.

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