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Esri Ireland partners with Bluesky to enhance its digital mapping offering in Ireland

By GeoConnexion - 14th January 2021 - 09:01

Esri Ireland is partnering with aerial mapping company Bluesky International to provide organisations across the island of Ireland with highly detailed geospatial data. The partnership will enable existing and prospective Esri Ireland customers to avail of Bluesky’s premium data resources, including nationwide coverage of high-resolution aerial imagery, terrain data and 3D city models. Bluesky is the only company to have acquired full aerial coverage of the Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. Bluesky’s map accurate aerial photography, together with its nationwide 3D terrain mapping, underpins its established contracts with both government and commercial organisations. The company also offers on-demand aerial mapping products to meet organisations’ bespoke requirements for geographic information.

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