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Eos Supports Haiti Outreach in its Sustainable Water Initiative

By [email protected] - 7th January 2019 - 13:41

Eos Positioning Systems, Inc.® (Eos) is giving back to the global water community by supporting Haiti Outreach’s sustainable water initiative. Haiti Outreach is a 21-year-old nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Haiti become a developed country. Haiti Outreach collaborates with individual Haitian communities to create and maintain access to potable water through community outreach, well digging, and distribution-network development. The Eos Arrow Gold GNSS receiver helps Haiti Outreach build and improve potable water distribution networks by providing accurate subfoot elevations required for hydraulic modeling simulations. A typical project begins when a community reaches out to Haiti Outreach to ask for a well. Haiti Outreach shifts the conversation from asking for a well to asking: “How can we provide our community with a sustainable source of drinking water?” Haiti Outreach Director Neil van Dine says. “It’s not just about having a well. It’s about having a future where the water doesn’t make you sick.”