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Eos Positioning Systems announces ability to consume Arrow GNSS location data in multiple Esri apps concurrently

By GeoConnexion - 2nd March 2021 - 08:44

Eos Positioning Systems (Eos), the Canadian manufacturer of the high-accuracy Arrow Series GNSS receivers, has announced that it has released capability in its Eos Tools Pro app (on iOS, Android) that allows ArcGIS Collector and ArcGIS Survey123, or any other two mobile applications, to run concurrently on a single device. This allows a user to dynamically switch between two apps in the field while retaining high accuracy in both. This new capability allows fieldworkers to run two apps at the same time while accessing the same ArcGIS Online database. Specifically, a user can now record a high-accuracy GNSS location in Collector and then immediately switch to an open Survey 123 form to complete their workflow. The data, including precise positioning will be populated to the same ArcGIS Online database.

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