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ENVITIA Launches Discovery 5 – Freeing legacy geospatial data from desk drawers

By [email protected] - 23rd August 2016 - 09:24

ENVITIA are delighted to announce the release of Discovery 5, a leading-edge geospatial data discovery and processing platform. ENVITIA Discovery has traditionally provided a key technology in UK and US Military systems; managing, cataloguing and transforming geospatial data into forms deliverable in deployed systems using an intuitive browser based search capability. ENVITIA Discovery 5 significantly improves on this capability, delivering a highly scalable geospatial data warehouse, web services and portal which can consume large amounts of new and legacy geospatial data. A sophisticated data harvesting mechanism captures and optionally generates metadata profiles enabling faster and more precise search. Once catalogued the data can be viewed and combined using significantly enhanced search capabilities in preparation for delivery in a wide range of forms including: spatial databases, a range of transactional web services such as WFS and WCS, published through WMS, standards compliant catalogue interfaces.